Statue of Our Lady Weeps and Move in Response to Earthquake in Mexico

Residents of a small Village, Cupilco, in the southern state of Tabasco in Mexico all confirm to be witnesses to Miraculous signs that God is probably showing to the world through a Virgin Mary’s Statue that resides in their Parish. They claim that the Statue wept and began to move her hands, few days after the horrible 7.1 earthquake Mexico recently experienced.

The Parishioners testified that this was not the first time the Statue of Our Lady in their Parish wept. They affirmed that the Statue wept sometimes three (3) years ago. But their Parish priest asked them to keep the story quiet, in order to avoid drawing attention. Over-time the Church has experienced several miracles, especially linking to the Statue of Our Lady, most of this Miracles have not been deeply investigated by the Church. But this particular one in the Mexican Village is so open and was witnessed by almost all the residents of the Village of Cupilco.

One woman, Lucia Torres Jiminez, 68, said she became healthy after asking for the intercession of Mary, praying in front of that same statue. She said this of Mary, “She is feeling what is happening in Mexico, she is feeling what is going to happen.” (According to Catholic Online)

The Majority of Mexicans suffer a great deal over the years from poverty, civil strife, corruption and now earthquake. The faithfuls in the village of Cupilco believe that Our Lady wept because her of how much pain the people of Mexico are in the moment. The Earthquake killed 361 people, left thousands homes, jobless and without any visible hope of livelihood.

We want to believe that God is always at work in our lives and he is always with us. Although this miracle is not confirmed yet but that will does not dispute the fact that we must hold fast and strong unto God by having unrelenting faith in Him at all times. Let us all be converted in our heart that the Lord might come into our hearts and make our heart his Home.

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