St. Januarius’ Blood Liquefies again in Naples – Recreating Blood Miracle: MIRACLE

St. Januarius’ blood miraculously liquefies three times a year: the Saturday before the first Sunday of May, September 19 and December 16.

According to reports, the blood St. Januarius liquefied in Naples and the miracle of St. Januarius was recreated on September 19, 2017.

The recreation of this miracle is believed to be a good sign for the city of Naples.

During the previous occurrence, on December  16, 2016, the blood did not liquefy. This was believed to be a bad omen and a sign of impending destruction and devastation.

Detailed documentation of this miracle has been kept since 1389, and each time the blood did not liquefy, some disaster occurred shortly after.

According to Dormi A Napoli, the absence of the miracle has preceded 22 epidemics, 11 revolutions, three droughts, 14 archbishops death (within a 30-day period), nine dead popes (over a period of a few weeks), four wars, 19 earthquakes, and three religious persecutions.

Time-specific instances include: 1939, when WWII erupted; 1940, when Italy joined the war; 1943, Italy was occupied by Nazis; 1980, an earthquake hit South Italy.

There is a great relief for all who follow St. Januarius’ miracle as his blood did indeed liquefy on September 19, 2017.

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