Virgin Mary appears in Africa


The Virgin Mary may have appeared in Africa, those who have seen the apparition believes it is a warning.
The apparition has occurred in the town of zongo,in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The local man noticed the apparition in the street light Bulb, thousands of locals had visited the site of the apparition Since it was reported in June this year. and many who have seen it confirmed the apparition is real
Eyewitnesses who saw the apparition described it as a Bloody Shape of the Virgin Mary standing with her arms opened just like in the familiar photo of the Virgin Mary below


The shape was not seen in any other bulbs in the town. Many who have seen the apparition had been worried and wondering what this could mean.
A woman said “the apparition is a sign that God isn’t happy with what is happening in the world today.”

Watch video of the life report by Catholic online below:


The Vatican is yet to confirm the apparition as the scene of the apparition is been investigated by the Catholic Church.



  1. May the precious blood that pour out from the sacred head of our lord Jesus christ save us and the whole world. Mother merry prayer for us especially our youth in the world

  2. Loving Mother of God and Mother of ours, keep us sinners always in your gaze and place us with your Son, our Lord God by the untiring and powerful intercession.
    Hail Mary, full of grace!
    – Amen

  3. The Virgin Mary also appeared in Kenya at Subukia Shrine. From those who shared the story, it was a mystic experience and also probably a warning towards the end of days. Continie spreading the Gospel

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