Catholic Priest Slaughter in his Home in Brazil

A priest was found slaughtered in his home in the northeastern Brazilian state of Paraiba.

Police discovered Fr. Pedro Gomes Bezerra’s body wrapped in sheets inside his place of residence. There were initial “signs of having been stabbed.”

After investigation, it was found he had around 29 punctures on his body, according to the Catholic News Agency.

His home was found ransacked and his vehicle was not in the garage. However, there were no immediate signs the house had been broken into.

The parish secretary reported suspicion after noticing the parish doors were still closed when she arrived to work. However, Fr. Bezerra’s neighbors reported no unusual activity from his home.

The Cheif of Police of the Civil Police, Joao Alves stated further investigations will be initiated.

“We pray to God to comfort his relatives, friends, and the Diocese of Guarabira in this moment of grief and of irreparable loss,” expressed Belem’s mayor, recalling Fr. Bezerra was an important asset to their community who left “an importance legacy of faith and social works, such as the Good Shepherd Shelter.”

Fr. Bezerra’s death is being mourned by thousands in the city of Borborema and by Belem, places he worked from 1999 to 2007.

“Even though we are in mourning, let us stand united in prayer, professing our faith in the resurrection of the dead,” read a statement from Fr. Bezerra’s Diocese of Guarabira, according to the Catholic News Agency. “And may the Lord grant eternal rest to Fr. Pedro Gomes.”

Post Originally written By Abigail James

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