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About Us

by Arinze Ani

CATHOLICAMEN is a Catholic media organisation established 2012. The daily awakening to advancing technology have so far run deep and still do towards extending to mankind the fascinating fringes that comes with communication. People now through so many social media platforms and forums on the internet get to interact adequately with one another and share a common reasoning and believe. This have paved way for CATHOLICAMEN  to satisfy her longing thirst for edifying Catholics with the word of God, the Catholic doctrines and Catholic devotionals.

CATHOLICAMEN is made-up of a team comprising Catholic writers, Catholic Theologians and devoted personnel with huge experiences of the church and her teachings and doctrines. Assembling as  a team CATHOLICAMEN  intend to reach all Catholics and non-Catholics with the fundamental, edifying and mind-refreshing Catholic posts on this website, to edify hearts with God’s words, draw consciences closer to God through prayers and educated minds on certains facts as many catholics and non- Catholics cannot defend firmly some Catholic Faith, Doctrines or Practices.

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