9th April Daily Reading

Jesus Calming the Storm on the Sea

First Reading: From the Book of Acts 6:1-7

Vrs1 About this time, when the number of disciples was increasing, the Hellenists made a complaint against the Hebrews: in the daily distribution their own widows were being overlooked.

Vrs2 So the Twelve called a full meeting of the disciples and addressed them, ‘It would not be right for us to neglect the word of God so as to give out food;

Vrs3 you, brothers, must select from among yourselves seven men of good reputation, filled with the Spiritand with wisdom, to whom we can hand over this duty.

Vrs4 We ourselves will continue to devote ourselves to prayer and to the service of the word.’

Vrs5 The whole assembly approved of this proposal and elected Stephen, a man full of faith and of the Holy Spirit, together with Philip, Prochorus, Nicanor, Timon, Parmenas, and Nicolaus of Antioch, a convert to Judaism.

Vrs6 They presented these to the apostles, and after prayer they laid their hands on them.

Vrs7 The word of the Lord continued to spread: the number of disciples in Jerusalem was greatly increased, and a large group of priests made their submission to the faith.

Responsorial Psalm: From Psalms 33:1-2, 4-5, 18-19

Vrs1 Shout for joy, you upright; praise comes well from the honest.

Vrs2 Give thanks to Yahweh on the lyre, play for him on the ten-stringed lyre.

Vrs4 The word of Yahweh is straightforward, all he does springs from his constancy.

Vrs5 He loves uprightness and justice; the faithful love of Yahweh fills the earth.

Vrs18 But see how Yahweh watches over those who fear him, those who rely on his faithful love,

Vrs19 to rescue them from death and keep them alive in famine.

Gospel, From the Gospel Account of Saint John 6:16-21

Vrs16 That evening the disciples went down to the shore of the sea

Vrs17 and got into a boat to make for Capernaum on the other side of the sea. It was getting dark by now and Jesus had still not rejoined them.

Vrs18 The wind was strong, and the sea was getting rough.

Vrs19 They had rowed three or four miles when they saw Jesus walking on the sea and coming towards the boat. They were afraid,

Vrs20 but he said, ‘It’s me. Don’t be afraid.’

Vrs21 They were ready to take him into the boat, and immediately it reached the shore at the place they were making for.


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