15th April Daily Reading

Jesus standing on the path with his disciples

First Reading: From the Book of Acts 9:1-20

Vrs1 Meanwhile Saul was still breathing threats to slaughter the Lord’s disciples. He went to the high priest

Vrs2 and asked for letters addressed to the synagogues in Damascus, that would authorise him to arrest and take to Jerusalem any followers of the Way, men or women, that he might find.

Vrs3 It happened that while he was travelling to Damascus and approaching the city, suddenly a light fromheaven shone all round him.

Vrs4 He fell to the ground, and then he heard a voice saying, ‘Saul, Saul, why are you persecuting me?’

Vrs5 ‘Who are you, Lord?’ he asked, and the answer came, ‘I am Jesus, whom you are persecuting.

Vrs6 Get up and go into the city, and you will be told what you are to do.’

Vrs7 The men travelling with Saul stood there speechless, for though they heard the voice they could see no one.

Vrs8 Saul got up from the ground, but when he opened his eyes he could see nothing at all, and they had to lead him into Damascus by the hand.

Vrs9 For three days he was without his sight and took neither food nor drink.

Vrs10 There was a disciple in Damascus called Ananias, and he had a vision in which the Lord said to him, ‘Ananias!’ When he replied, ‘Here I am, Lord,’

Vrs11 the Lord said, ‘Get up and go to Straight Street and ask at the house of Judas for someone called Saul, who comes from Tarsus. At this moment he is praying,

Vrs12 and has seen a man called Ananias coming in and laying hands on him to give him back his sight.’

Vrs13 But in response, Ananias said, ‘Lord, I have heard from many people about this man and all the harm he has been doing to your holy people in Jerusalem.

Vrs14 He has come here with a warrant from the chief priests to arrest everybody who invokes your name.’

Vrs15 The Lord replied, ‘Go, for this man is my chosen instrument to bring my name before gentiles and kingsand before the people of Israel;

Vrs16 I myself will show him how much he must suffer for my name.’

Vrs17 Then Ananias went. He entered the house, and laid his hands on Saul and said, ‘Brother Saul, I have been sent by the Lord Jesus, who appeared to you on your way here, so that you may recover your sight and be filled with the Holy Spirit.’

Vrs18 It was as though scales fell away from his eyes and immediately he was able to see again. So he got up and was baptised,

Vrs19 and after taking some food he regained his strength. After he had spent only a few days with the disciples in Damascus,

Vrs20 he began preaching in the synagogues, ‘Jesus is the Son of God.’

Responsorial Psalm: From Psalms 117:1, 2

Vrs1 Alleluia! Praise Yahweh, all nations, extol him, all peoples,

Vrs2 for his faithful love is strong and his constancy never-ending.

Gospel Reading: From the Gospel Account of John 6:52-59

Vrs52 Then the Jews started arguing among themselves, ‘How can this man give us his flesh to eat?’

Vrs53 Jesus replied to them: In all truth I tell you, if you do not eat the flesh of the Son of man and drink his blood, you have no life in you.

Vrs54 Anyone who does eat my flesh and drink my blood has eternal life, and I shall raise that person up on the last day.

Vrs55 For my flesh is real food and my blood is real drink.

Vrs56 Whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood lives in me and I live in that person.

Vrs57 As the living Father sent me and I draw life from the Father, so whoever eats me will also draw life from me.

Vrs58 This is the bread which has come down from heaven; it is not like the bread our ancestors ate: they are dead, but anyone who eats this bread will live for ever.

Vrs59 This is what he taught at Capernaum in the synagogue


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