The Virgin Mary takes Miraculous stand against Hurricane Harvey

“Some may blame God and some may blame the hurricane but the only thing standing were, holy things…”

Hurricane Harvey has caused catastrophic flooding, an immense fear, total devastation and a complete loss for so many people in areas throughout the Gulf Coast of Texas.

More than 30,000 people are displaced due to the Hurricane’s aftermath, this includes the Rojas family of Robstown, Texas, according to KRIS TV. The Rojas family heed the warnings against Hurricane Harvey. They packed up, boarded their three homes on their property and left town hoping to avoid all devastation.

However, just as Hurricane Harvey made landfall, an electrical fire sparked in one of their homes and with help from Harvey, the fire quickly spread to all of the houses on their property. Firefighters arrived on scene and made brave attempts to fight the ferocious fires, but standing up against the hurricane’s intense rain and winds, this was a nearly impossible battle.

The homes had been entirely engulfed in flames and ultimately destroyed. The Rojas family arrived back to find their homes destroyed, including a beautiful 3-story Victorian style house.

“I wanna thank the Fire Department of Robstown for courage to show up in the storm while the tremendous power, the wind the rain were going and they were still out here trying their best it was incredible,” an incredibly grateful Jesus Rojas expressed.

The only thing left standing among the rubble of the Rojas family’s homes was a statue of the Virgin Mary.

The Rojas Family aftermath Hurricane HarveyA fire destroyed the Rojas’ homes during Hurricane Harvey, leaving only a statue of the Virgin Mary standing. (Photo by: KRIS TV)

“Some may blame God, and some may blame the hurricane, but the only thing standing were, holy things, as you can see this statue is the only thing that survived, I dug in there for things and all I found is a Virgin Mary,” Natali Rojas explained.

The statue of the Virgin Mary stands as a sign of hope for many, and now our Holy Mother has opened her heart to the Rojas family and all who are suffering during Hurricane Harvey to offer a place of hope, peace, and comfort.

The aftermath of Hurricane Harvey has the power to bring out the worse in all it has affected, but in so many instances we see real-life miracles as it brings out the best in God’s children.

In Rockport, TX, Kayla and Justin Butts evacuated their family from their farm before Hurricane Harvey arrived. They returned on Monday not knowing what to expect after the Category 4 hurricane destroyed the barn housing their 200 animals, including pigs, chickens, and goats.

“Unbelievably (the animals) all made it. Everybody is doing OK,” exclaimed Justin after inspecting his property.

The Butts Family farm after Hurricane HarveyKayla and John Butts’ 200 animals miraculously survived Hurricane Harvey. (Photo by: Contributed to Caller Times)

In Houston, TX, a local news team live-covering the devastation of Hurricane Harvey set out to save a truck driver’s life. KHOU reporter Brandi Smith and her camera crew found the truck driver trapped in the flood. They shouted at him, advising him to remain in the truck until help arrived.

Moments later, a sheriff’s truck hauling a boat drove by. After waving him down, the KHOU crew were able to show them to the truck driver.

“I can not imagine how terrifying it would be to be in that place right now,” expressed Brandi watching the Sherriff’s team save the truck driver. “They got him.”

The US Coast Guard continues to rescue thousands of stranded people every day. Good samaritans have opened their homes to strangers who were left with nothing. And people all over the world have been pouring in prayers and donations to Texas during their time of extreme need.

“Appreciate what you have, listen to the warnings, hug your children and thank God for today and yesterday,” stated Natali Rojas, “and pray for a better tomorrow.”

Rescue during Hurricane HarveyThousands of stranded people are rescued every day during the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey (Photo by: ABC News)

Post Originally written By Abigail James

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