Pope Francis Injured as he Slipped from Popemobile but his Fine [See Photos]

Pope Francis was left with a blood stained white cassock and a bruised, swollen eye after a potentially dangerous incident on his popemobile in Colombia.

The Holy Father was greeting people from his popemobile, as he typically does during his visits to other countries, when an abrupt stop caused him to slip and slam is face into the white frame and glass of the vehicle.

According to the Catholic News Agency, Pope Francis was reaching out to a child when he lost his balance.

The incident caused an immense concern over the 80-year-old Pope Francis’ safety and health.

However, the Vatican has confirmed Pope Francis is completely fine after the injury. According to Vatican spokesman, Greg Burke, Francis hit his eyebrow and cheek and ice was used to lower the swelling.

Pope Francis with a black eye Pope Francis was seen with a black eye and bandage after slipping on his popemobile in Colombia.


Pope Francis with blood on his cassock A splatter of blood was left on his white cassock after the alarming fall.

After being seen with his injury by Colombian radio station “Caracol Radio,” Pope Francis made light of the accident by joking that someone had punched him.

The accident took place in Cartangena during the pope’s last day in Colombia.

“He will continue the schedule for his visit with no changes,” expressed Burke. Pope Francis is due to return to Rome late Sunday.

This post is Originally written By Abigail James on Catholic Online

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